About Revise – Testimonials

“Svatha Yoga Institute of Taos is the place I chose to take my Yoga Teacher Training. The course is intensive and very true to the teachings of A.G. Mohan and Sri T. Krishnamacharya, working to keep the philosphy of yoga faithful to the teachings of Patanjali. I feel fortunate to have found this good, solid, traditional yoga training so close to home. It is reinforcing and supporting my wish to offer yoga practice to many. I see yoga as an excellent vehicle for improving one’s life, body, mind and spirit, no matter skill level, age or physical condition. The instructors, and owner, Monique Parker, are all first class, having great knowledge,patience and willingness to share the knowledge with us, the students of the 2015 class.”
– Kathleen Stanley, Chili, New Mexico

“I looked long and hard for a course that would suit my needs. I had taken yoga teachers training back in the 80’s and I wanted to renew my enthusiasmfor the practice of yoga and the possibility of sharing the profound benefits of yoga with others. The Svastha Yoga Institute was the perfect choice for me. Not only were the instructional classes thorough, the class size was small and intimate. As a student I received the detailed information I wanted. Monique Parker as director does an excellent job in relating the Yoga Sutras to everyday life but also giving clear understandings of these precise pearls of wisdom and the Samkhya philosophy. The Svastha Yoga Institute curriculum focuses on the original classical aspects of yoga including asanas, breathing, chanting and meditation all based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya, a profound Indian yogi/scholar of the 20th century. I received everything I needed and more from this training at the Svastha Institute. Thank you Monique and all our teachers of the Institute”
-Heather Penny, Afton, Virginia

“At SYI in New Mexico I learned what Yoga was from the inside out. The teaching was respectful of your person, ability, life experience and level of study. I never felt abandoned in the Asana teachings or our of place asking difficult questions about Yoga psychology. All my needs were met by a genuine love for the deeply transformational path of YOGA. Citta vrtti nirodaha.“
– Robin Ross-Duggan, Oahu, Hawaii

“Classic Yoga of India for Today’s Yogis From Sri T. Krishnamacharya to A. G. Mohan to Monique Parker, the knowledge of yoga is dispersed. Monique preserves the integrity of these teachings and delivers them with proficiency. She instructs with knowledge, passion and clarity that can only be gained from examination, understanding and personal experience. I am grateful to Monique and Svastha Yoga Institute for giving me the inspiration and skills to enhance my life and those of my students.”
– Martha Flanders, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico & South Padre Island, Texas

“For 10+ years I have been practicing yoga… That is, I thought I had been. The truth is, my asana practice was solid yet my mind was not focused or steady. How could I call what I was doing “Yoga” when my development as a Yogi was stunted by a favor in physical progress yet neglecting a mental practice? My ignorance was apparent, so I set out on a mission to find a credible instructor whom I could study Yoga in depth under. Some time went by before finally reaching my destination at the Svastha Yoga Institute. Like coming home, I immediately resonated with the teachings at the SYI. An entire world was exposed to me which had not existed before. From pranayama practice to chanting mantras to studying the Yoga Sutras- this is what I was seeking: methods to prepare the mind to sit in meditation— The Heart of Yoga. Monique Parker is a walking testament of what Yoga is capable of when commitment is paired with discipline. The instruction, guidance and material provided at SYI went far beyond what I imagined possible. I am honored to have had the opportunity to study in the direct lineage of Krishnamacharya via Monique Parker. My gratitude goes beyond words, for the tools received to further my Path to Peace.”
– Rene Bertorelli, El Prado, New Mexico

“I didn’t find Svastha Yoga Institute, or Monique Parker, on purpose and am still unsure how to phrase my gratitude for finding this program. I agree whole heartedly with the accolades of others that highlight the proficiency, sanctity and compassion of this unique school. I came seeking nothing short of personal transformation. But by personal transformation, I don’t mean reinvention. As a breezy type who moves locations pathologically and acquires professional credentialsalong the way, the last thing I needed was another certification to advance my career or provide me with the illusion of a new chapter. Personal transformation is coming, for me, in the form of a fairly effortless- yet conscious- removal of things which don’t work to align me toward the path of my best self and my personal belief system. From what I gather, much of this work comes from a philosophy of deduction. As I have a personality that leans heavily toward the need to add on/self improve/change/grow, this model- though philosophically challenging- is the first solution or respite I’ve come across after decades of therapy, bodywork, spiritual work etc which does not require us to look for solutions outside of ourselves. The personal changes which have occurred from this teacher training are, on one hand, colossal in that they’ve afforded me my first glimpse of clarity in decades. At the to same time, I hope that through practice the element of transformation is so ever-present that the grandeur of this life change does not stand out as an isolated incident, but instead as the transition time between a life which always felt like it didn’t work, and a life that feels like a life. The above is just a bit of my experience, but I still haven’t found ways to describe the gratitude. I’m not sure I ever will, and I know a lot of my fellow students feel the same way.”
– Hillie Bills, Marathon, Texas

“Svastha Yoga Institute’s 200 yoga teacher certification is a very rich and deep experience. The program spans across the breadth of all that yoga is – its philosophies, teachings, asanas, breathing techniques, meditations, and chantings – and leaves one with an inner practice that guides one’s life. I can’t imagine any other training that fills one so deeply. What you offer, Monique, is a dear devotion to the lineage of Svastha yoga.”
– Susan Lewis, Dixon, New Mexico

SYI holds a profound integrity for the practice of yoga, not only for asana, but for the tradition of yoga as revealed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I gained an appreciation for yoga, a depth of practice, and a means to share this spiritual tradition in a way that I expect is rare to find. I appreciated that the strength of this program is rooted in those that have inspired and sculpted its teachings, the great Sri T Krishnamacharya and A.G. Mohan. I would highly recommend this program for those that hope to practice and teach yoga as a means of personal liberation, as well as a way to approach those from any walk of life.”
– Gene Dennehy, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I did my Yoga Teacher Certification through Svastha Yoga Institute of Taos, NM  with Monique Parker.  Not only is Monique incredibly knowledgeable about Svastha Yoga psychology having studied in India and the US with A.G. and Indra Mohan and Ganesh Mohan, she is endowed with the ability to teach the intricacies of postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (focusing the mind) so that students at any level of practice can benefit and advance. The fact that Svastha Yoga is grounded in the teaching of Sri Krishnamarcharya is very important to me. It is not “fly by night Yoga” following the latest fad, but has a firm foundation to build on personally.”
– Janice Crouse, El Prado, New Mexico

“I am not one to post testimonials online.  This was my first time visiting Taos on vacation and my only plans were to get some skiing/snowboarding in. I have been having issues for the few years with neck and back pain, along with tension headaches.  I attributed my issues to a combination of spending to much time at my computer, poor posture and high stress levels.  I have tried everything from doctors, chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, inversion table and I even started taking yoga classes a couple of years ago at a local studio.  All of these would help a little but, just not like I needed.  I found Taos Yoga Therapy with Monique Parker online.  What interested me was a class she offers called “Yoga Therapy for Back, Neck and Shoulders”.  This sounded exactly like what I needed.  After attending several group classes as well as a couple of private lessons from Monique I feel compelled to share my experience.

I was nervous for the first class.  I wasn’t sure what Svastha Yoga was and how it would differ to the yoga classes I had attended.  Monique is an amazing teacher and from the minute I stepped into the studio I felt welcomed and comfortable. I would recommend showing up early because the classes filled up fast.  I have never included chanting as part of a yoga class and wasn’t sure if I would like it.  I found it surprisingly peaceful and now I can’t imagine practicing yoga without it.  The poses we did in the class are simpler but more effective then what I have practiced in the past. My prior experience with Yoga had never completely made sense to me.  Some of the poses and the movements felt good but, I couldn’t get my thoughts focused.  I obsessed over whether I was doing the poses correctly or thought about what was going on that day.  Monique’s teaching of Svastha yoga helped me get to a place where I could finally quiet my mind.

Everyone has different needs. I would highly recommend private sessions for anyone from a beginner like myself to someone who has practiced yoga for years. I believe Monique can help improve your practice.  In my private sessions, we began with working on my breathing.  I did not realize I had been doing it incorrectly.  After one session I immediately felt the difference.  The corrections to my breathing gave me sensation similar to a caffeine rush, but better. Monique also put together a simple asana and mantra practice for me to do everyday.  The poses she gave me to were tailored for my specific needs and the amount of time I was willing to commit to practicing daily.  This has been life changing!!!  I start everyday with my practice.  It’ clears my mind and I feel ready for anything.  In just the first 3 weeks, my neck and back pain went away. Nothing else I have ever done has worked for more then a couple days.  More then anything the practice has helped me to control my stress. My blood pressure has gone down to the point I may no longer need medication.  My mind is clearer and I feel more productive. I don’t want to make this sound like it’s some kind of magic pill.  It’s not.  You must have an open mind and be willing to make changes.  You must also put time and effort into your practice.  If you are ready to make these changes, I can’t imagine a better place to start then visiting Taos Yoga Therapy.  What you gain might truly be priceless.”
– Mark Harris, Kansas