Yoga Therapy

TYT_Consultations-Intro_0123Svastha Yoga Institute provides skilled instruction of the ancient practice and philosophy of yoga to promote healing and restore health. Our wellness sessions are designed based on your specific needs, challenges, and goals. By selecting appropriate yoga practices and mentoring you in their proper execution, we empower you with tools to take responsibility for your own state of mind and put you on a positive path toward optimal health.

Therapeutically-oriented yoga can be practiced alone or used as a complement to medical treatment of chronic and acute physical and/or mental conditions. Our Wellness Sessions offer an individualized approach that comprises a wide range of mind and body practices, from postural asana and pranayama (breathing exercises) to deep relaxation and meditation techniques. They are ideal for those who are living with or recovering from pain, who are dealing with specific health challenges or injuries, or who are striving for optimal health and prefer a slower-paced program in a one-on-one setting.

To ensure safety and efficacy, Monique individually assesses and develops a personalized yoga program for each client’s specific health challenges, age, goals, needs, etc.


Personal Wellness Sessions are useful for:
– Back care
– High blood pressure
– Joint pain
– Scoliosis
– Parkinson’s Disease
– Arthritis
– Poor posture
– Immune function
– Sports Injuries
– Stress related issues
– Weight loss
– Breathing difficulties
– Sleep issues
– Musculoskeletal conditions
– Osteoporosis
– Depression and anxiety
– Fibromyalgia

Yoga for Cancer
Taos Yoga Therapy is honored to provide yoga classes and private wellness sessions for individuals dealing with cancer through Cancer Support Services. Cancer patients who practice yoga as a therapeutic tool during treatment can dramatically improve physical symptoms such as pain and fatigue. Many patients report that mindfulness along with a gentle set of exercises and breath awareness bring relief whether dealing with ongoing nausea, scar-tissue, and weakness from chemotherapy and radiation. For more information about these services, contact Taos Yoga Therapy or Cancer Support Services.


Cancer Support Services

Cancer Support Services
Holy Cross Hospital’s Cancer Support Services Program provides non-medical supports to people in Taos and Colfax Counties who are struggling with cancer. These services support emotional well-being and ensure that basic needs are met in order to ease the strain, promote healing and improve quality of life for patients and their family members during a most difficult time. Lets not mention the amount of money. The downloadable application for services is available online here.

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga is designed to deepen trust in your capacities for well being and self care in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. The class will ease tensions common in pregnancy, and strengthen your body, mind, heart, and sense of support for this time in your life. Find comfort in this safe and welcoming class. Open to all levels and stages of pregnancy. Svastha Yoga Instructor, Julie Cortopassi, RYT 500, completed Yo Mama’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in May 2015 and now offers prenatal yoga classes and private sessions at Taos Yoga Therapy. Classes are held on Friday evenings from 5:30-7PM. Drop-in rate is $10 or 3 months for $108.




Personal yoga instruction is the most authentic form of establishing a personal practice. Each session is customized to meet the unique needs, interests, and goals of the student. These sessions enhance the student’s group class experience, and provide the skills, knowledge, and confidence to practice regularly at home.

Your session may include: needs and posture assessment, yoga postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), therapeutic postures, meditation, chanting, ritual, Yoga Sutra study, sound, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.The common denominator of each session is honest and compassionate feedback that helps to bring clarity to your current mental and physical health, as well to establish goals for personal transformation.

Personal instruction is particularly helpful for people who:
– Need a foundation in yoga fundamentals before attending public classes
– Want to establish or refine a home practice
– Wish to deepen their understanding of meditation, yoga philosophy, pranayama, mantra, and chant

Classes: Svastha Yoga Institute offers a variety of rates and punch cards to meet your budget.
Drop-in at Taos Yoga Therapy
60 min class: $10
90 min class: $15
Punch Cards:
Six Classes: $78 (Exp 1 mo from purchase)
Unlimited: $120 (Exp 1 mo from purchase)
You + Spuse $175 (Exp 1 mo from purchase)
Monthly Workshops: 
$25 per workshop
Workshops require advanced registration.
Wellness Sessions:
Reflexology with Susan:
60-minute: $65
Personal Wellness Sessions and Yoga Therapy
Julie: 60-min $45; 90-minute $65     (3) 60-minute sessions $115; (3) 90-minute sessions $175
Raquela: 60-min $65; 90-min $85    (3) 60-minute sessions $175; (3) 90-minute sessions $230
Monique  60-min $80; 90-min $115  (3) 60-minute sessions $200; (3) 90-minute sessions $300
*Sessions expire six months from purchase
To schedule a Wellness Session, please call: 575-613-0519.


An initial intake form, along with a discussion of your current condition and goals, is included in the first session. This allows Monique to develop a personalized yoga program that is tailored to your specific needs.

Sessions are generally scheduled for 60 or 90 minutes and may include, but are not limited to: centering/body awareness exercises, breath, movement, sound, chanting, meditation, and diet and lifestyle recommendations.

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